thumbnailBiH gets its first professional government
2014-04-23Comprised of professionals instead of politicians, the new government was established in Tuzla.
thumbnailCitizens' plenums become voice of democracy in BiH
2014-03-05Tired of the poorly functioning political system in the country, citizens in BiH have taken a role in solving the crisis.
thumbnailBiH minister's dismissal concerns bloggers, experts
2013-11-01A new political twist in BiH could further delay the country's EU bid.
thumbnailBaby's death unites BiH in calls for reform
2013-10-24The death of 7-month-old Belmina Ibrišević is uniting citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina in demanding action from the country's politicians.
thumbnailInzko: International community needs to take action in BiH
2013-05-21According to BiH High Representative Valentin Inzko, the international community is the country's only hope.
thumbnailBiH politicians reach agreement on minority candidates
2013-04-08Politicial leaders are scheduled to meet with EU officials to finalise plan.
thumbnailEurope prolongs threat of Bosnian sanctions
2013-03-25EU seeks to convince BiH leaders to implement reforms.
thumbnailBiH political divisions spark call for international response
2012-12-04High Representative Valentin Inzko calls for greater attention from international community.
thumbnailBiH political rivals strike landmark deal
2012-11-23What should ordinarily be regarded as a welcome development is criticised as cementing Bosnia and Herzegovina's ethnic divide.
thumbnailBiH politicians have an opportunity in elections
2012-09-08Elections in October are an opportunity to reassemble the pieces of the fragmented political puzzle in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
thumbnailBiH's Komsic resigns from his party
2012-03-21BiH presidency member Zeljko Komsic has turned his back on the ruling Social Democratic Party, shaking the political scene in the country.
thumbnailInzko's report causes angry reactions in BiH
2011-11-17A damning report on the situation in BiH caused many politicians to blame the international community -- and specifically the OHR – but analysts say BiH leaders also need to take responsibility.
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NATO works to include Balkan youth in security politicsNATO works to include Balkan youth in security politics

A recent NATO initiative in Belgrade is helping to educate the region's youth about democracy, stability and co-operation in the global fight against ISIL.

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