thumbnailGreeks debate recovery, privatisation
2014-07-25New protests raise fresh challenges for the government to carry out privatisation and maintain stability.
thumbnailGreece concerned about outbreak of violence
2013-01-16Journalists, political parties become targets of rising violence amid austerity.
thumbnailQatar eyes Greek defense companies
2013-01-03Greek premier is looking for big investments, Qatar is looking for deals.
thumbnailAusterity measures dominate 2013 Balkan state budgets
2012-12-08Savings and more borrowing are part of the measures of Balkan states' 2013 budgets to reduce foreign debt.
thumbnailFor Balkan countries, diplomacy is in crisis
2012-07-31Tightening budgets are forcing many countries to cut their diplomatic spending.
thumbnailAnalysts: Romania should steer away from populism
2012-05-09Installed just half a year before elections, the new coalition government in Romania must avoid the temptation of populist measures amid a still fragile economy, experts say.
thumbnailSavings measures irk consumers, businesses in Croatia
2012-01-18The new government started to implement savings measures, but it faces resistance.
thumbnailChristmas season "on credit" in Croatia
2011-12-21Croats will hold back on holiday spending this year due to the severity of the economic crisis.
thumbnailCroatia austerity measures cause discontent
2011-12-17The new government announced it will cut the budget by 1.2 billion euros in response to the severe economic crisis, but workers vow to resist measures that reduce their wages.
Turkish Cypriots protest austerity measures
2011-01-30NICOSIA, Cyprus -- Tens of thousands of Turkish Cypriots joined a protest Friday (January 28th) against austerity measures imposed by Turkey, which c...
thumbnailAusterity measures dampen holiday shopping in Greece
2011-01-03Money worries and continuing strikes in Athens clouded the normally festive shopping mood.
Basescu wants police protection withdrawn
2010-09-26BUCHAREST, Romania -- President Traian Basescu has asked the interior ministry to withdraw his police protection, a spokesperson said Saturday (Septe...
thumbnailRomanian police respond to salary cuts
2010-09-24Police answer the government austerity measures in a unique manner.
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Islamic Community acts to stop ISIL recruitmentIslamic Community acts to stop ISIL recruitment

Citizens and experts support the Islamic Community's efforts to stop people from joining ISIL and to reintegrate them into society when they return.

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Is co-operation between regional countries adequate to counter efforts by extremists to join violent organisations?

I don't know