thumbnailTurkish agency donates funds to rebuild Ferhadija Mosque
2014-04-17The historic Banja Luka mosque, which has been under reconstruction since 2001, is due to be completed by the end of the year.
thumbnailKremlin threatens gas supplies to Southeast Europe
2014-04-16Several nations receive Russian gas via Ukraine. In other business news: Albania's credit rating sees improvement and Turkey's military spending surpasses Canada.
thumbnailRegion taking stand against corruption in football
2014-04-14After years riddled with scandal, officials are taking steps to end corruption and crime in football.
thumbnailMinority associations in Balkans nurture diversity, reconciliation
2014-04-10Cultural societies in Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia are paving the way toward co-existence.
thumbnailTurkey, Europe declare 'end game' for tobacco users
2014-04-04European Union and Turkish tobacco experts set the rules aimed at ending the use of tobacco in Europe.
thumbnailEU young entrepreneurs programme opens opportunities
2014-04-01The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs initiative allows citizens of Balkan states and Turkey to test their knowledge abroad.
thumbnailRegional countries to seek EU observer status
2014-03-31A new initiative proposes EU member candidate states be given an opportunity to more readily present their views in Brussels.
thumbnailConcerns for Crimean Tatars increase
2014-03-31After boycotting the referendum, Crimean Tatars became open targets for the local militia and Russia as well, experts warn.
thumbnailMontenegro tops tourism growth list
2014-03-26Tourism revenue in Montenegro is expected to grow more than 17 percent from last year. Also in business news: Turkey will begin to renegotiate its Customs Union Agreement with the EU by June.
thumbnailRegion calls for diplomatic solution of Ukrainian crisis
2014-03-24Diplomacy is the only way out of the deadlock in Crimea, officials say.
thumbnailAlbania arrests alleged jihad recruiting group
2014-03-21Officials are trying to prevent imams and others from recruiting Muslims to fight in foreign conflicts.
thumbnailSoutheast Europe, Turkey criticise Russian moves in Ukraine
2014-03-20The annexation of Crimea has many worried about Russian ambition in Eastern Europe.
thumbnailFive Serbian cities make list of Europe's top 10
2014-03-19The cities were chosen based on categories including human resources and life and business environment. Also in business news: Cyprus appoints Georghadji as new central bank governor.
thumbnailTurkey, Balkan states lead global police training co-operative
2014-03-13Now in its fourth year, INTERPA is a growing international organisation aimed at improving the quality of police training.
thumbnailGastronomy bridges gap between Greece, Turkey
2014-03-11Culinary arts have helped to close the political gap between Turkey and Greece.
thumbnailIslamic leader's statement causes furore in Macedonia
2014-03-10Analysts and activists caution religious leaders to be careful about their statements on social networks and elsewhere.
thumbnailTransit permits expected to help Turkey and Bulgaria
2014-03-07A new liberalised transit permit regime between Bulgaria and Turkey should help businesses and develop the economy in both countries, officials and business owners say.
thumbnailIMF to help Albania make reforms
2014-03-05A loan from the IMF will help Albania undertake economic reforms. Also in business news: Turkey wants to increase its 20 percent stake in the Trans-Anatolia Gas Pipeline project to 30 percent by April.
thumbnailMacedonia, Serbia to build alternative aircraft landing sites
2014-03-04Helicopter landing sites and water landing strips will improve safety and the economy.
thumbnailAthletes return from Olympics with sense of togetherness
2014-02-28Memories of friendship and solidarity were forged among athletes from the Balkans and Turkey during the 2014 Sochi Games.


Region taking stand against corruption in footballRegion taking stand against corruption in football

After years riddled with scandal, officials are taking steps to end corruption and crime in football.

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