thumbnailFuture home of Yugoslav archives remain in dispute
2014-04-11A 2001 succession agreement stipulates original documents should be released from the Archive of Yugoslavia in Belgrade to the successor states' archives.
thumbnailEU young entrepreneurs programme opens opportunities
2014-04-01The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs initiative allows citizens of Balkan states and Turkey to test their knowledge abroad.
thumbnailRegional countries to seek EU observer status
2014-03-31A new initiative proposes EU member candidate states be given an opportunity to more readily present their views in Brussels.
thumbnailWorkers fall victim to jobs scam in Sochi
2014-02-28Thousands of workers from Southeast Europe headed to Sochi for what sounded like a dream job in constructing venues for the Olympic Games. In some cases, when they arrived, they found out differently.
thumbnailAthletes return from Olympics with sense of togetherness
2014-02-28Memories of friendship and solidarity were forged among athletes from the Balkans and Turkey during the 2014 Sochi Games.
thumbnailSerbian skier eager for second chance at Olympic competition
2014-02-18For Nevena Ignjatovic, participating in the Olympics represents the pinnacle of athletic achievement and the opportunity to bond with colleagues from the region.
thumbnailMacedonia sends professional soldier-skier to Sochi
2014-02-12A member of the Macedonian army, Darko Damjanovski, is competing in the Olympics for the third time.
thumbnailLack of facilities a challenge for Winter Olympic athletes
2014-02-10Most Southeast European states and Turkey have limited winter sport infrastructure, which has led to disputes between sport associations and some of the region's top athletes.
thumbnailOlympic committees promote regional co-operation in Southeast Europe
2014-02-04By spreading the Olympic spirit and values, national Olympic committees are working to improve relations in the region.
thumbnailEU concerned about minority rights referendum in Croatia
2014-01-20Members of the European Parliament have sent an open letter to the Croatian public, saying that the referendum on minority rights is "dangerous and unconstitutional."
thumbnailResorts struggling with a lack of snow
2014-01-15Tourism in the mountains is down by 70 percent, according to a study. In other business news: groups call for a solution to the Cypriot issue.
thumbnailEU integration, corruption, refugees remain key challenges for the region in 2014
2013-12-30Southeast Europe needs to strengthen anti-corruption efforts to reach progress in EU integration process, officials and analysts say.
thumbnailEuropean authorities to renegotiate South Stream contracts
2013-12-26EU member states' South Stream contracts with Moscow violate Union rules, officials say.
thumbnailMayor: 'Neighbouring states should live together'
2013-12-20Local government administrators expect a revival of city-to-city relations will promote commercial and cultural ties.
thumbnailAlbania changing tax rates to increase revenues
2013-12-18Personal tax levels will increase from 10 percent to as much as 23 percent, the government announced. In other business news: The European Commission approves a financial aid package for Greek highways.
thumbnailReport: Southeast Europe emerging from recession
2013-12-11Growth in six regional countries nears 2 percent after years of decreases. Also in business news: Serbia records relative strength in the IT sector.
thumbnailEU integration brings choice, savings, to regional energy consumers
2013-12-09Croatia's accession to the EU opened the market to energy providers and is leading to lower household bills.
thumbnailEU fund to help Balkan businesses
2013-11-27The fund of 140 million euros is expected to be available next year. In other business news: Ministers from the Balkans have endorsed the South-East Europe 2020 strategy that aims to create 1 million new jobs in the region.
thumbnailMacedonia joins UN Human Rights Council
2013-11-26The country's main goal is to promote human rights globally, but also ensure that such principles are respected in the Balkans, analysts said.
thumbnailBalkans move closer to a joint air defence system
2013-11-06Participating Adriatic Charter countries are reviewing the technical documentation that will launch a study of air defence needs and equipment.


Region taking stand against corruption in footballRegion taking stand against corruption in football

After years riddled with scandal, officials are taking steps to end corruption and crime in football.

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