thumbnailMacedonia, Serbia boost military co-operation
2015-03-27Better military co-operation is strengthening Serbian and Macedonian capacities for participation in peacekeeping operations.
thumbnailSerbia, Kosovo police discuss shared threats
2015-03-26The first meeting between the police chiefs of Serbia and Kosovo is being hailed as a major step in the region's fight against organised crime.
thumbnailTurkey, Balkans should join to fight extremism
2015-03-24Economic solidarity offers a positive way for regional neighbours to work together violent extremists.
thumbnailArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges
2015-03-23The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.
thumbnailSerbia, NATO improve military co-operation
2015-03-20Co-operation with the Alliance will help Serbia modernise its defence system and improve the country's military capabilities.
thumbnailSerbia crash spotlights peril for migrants
2015-03-20A deadly accident involving refugees from Syria and other war zones draws attention to a growing crisis for some Balkan states.
thumbnailEurope eyes energy from Balkans
2015-03-19The Western Balkans may provide a remedy to energy-starved Europe by exporting power across the Adriatic.
thumbnailCloser ties with NATO improve democracy in Serbia
2015-03-18Co-operation with NATO will benefit ordinary citizens by improving security, human rights and the capacities of independent institutions.
thumbnailSerbia mounts diplomacy drive
2015-03-18Boosting bilateral relations with Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia is a priority for Serbia.
thumbnailCalls mount for NATO enlargement
2015-03-17Faster accession to NATO would insulate Balkan states from Russian influence, experts say.
thumbnailKosovo-Serbia agreement paves way for unified judiciary
2015-03-17Kosovo and Serbia discussed the justice system in northern Kosovo as talks restarted after a year-long hiatus.
thumbnailBalkan nations contribute to anti-ISIL coalition
2015-03-16Countries in the region are contributing to the fight against ISIL by providing weapons, sharing law-enforcement information and strengthening legislation against foreign fighters.
thumbnailSerbia improves military co-operation with Hungary
2015-03-16Military-to-military co-operation between the two neighbouring countries is important for regional and global peace and Serbia's military development.
thumbnailKFOR remains vital for regional stability, development
2015-03-12By ensuring freedom of movement and a safe and secure environment, KFOR helps improve Kosovo society and regional stability, officials and experts agree.
thumbnailRegional countries pledge to strengthen co-operation against terrorism
2015-03-09Southeast Europe officials reaffirmed their commitment to intensify co-operation in the fight against terrorism and the effort to stop foreign fighters.
thumbnailExperts urge closer ties between Serbia and NATO
2015-03-05Co-operation with NATO is the only guarantee for safety and progress in Serbia, experts and officials say.
thumbnailBalkan troops train with US Marines
2015-03-04The Platinum Lion 2015 joint exercise gathered hundreds of troops from Serbia, Romania and host nation Bulgaria.
thumbnailBalkans join fight against violent extremism
2015-02-27Balkan states are asking the United States and Europe to help confront the root causes of terrorism.
thumbnailSerbia will benefit from SEEGROUP chairmanship
2015-02-27Serbia's chairmanship of an international NATO forum will improve the country's partnership with the Alliance.
thumbnailSerbia begins NATO partnership
2015-02-25The IPAP accord between Serbia and NATO has political and military implications.
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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