thumbnailISIL's focus on women criticised in Turkey and the Balkans
2014-08-22Citizens and experts urge states to react decisively against ISIL and its propaganda.
thumbnailNATO general says Alliance is focused on Ukraine, terrorism
2014-08-04NATO's top general said that nations in the alliance are co-operating to combat extremism.
thumbnailSecurity experts from Belgrade, Pristina and Tirana work to improve co-operation
2014-07-04Open discussion on security issues and direct contacts among young opinion-makers of the three entities is crucial for regional progress, according to experts and youth.
thumbnailKosovo power plant incident ignites workplace safety investigation
2014-06-23The move follows an explosion at the Kosovo A power plant that resulted in multiple deaths and injuries.
thumbnailIMF disburses 3.4 billion euros to Greece
2014-06-04The fund said Athens does not need to impose new austerity measures this year. Also in business news: Bulgaria leads the region in Foreign Policy magazine's Baseline Profitability Index.
thumbnailAdditional bailout funding on the way to Greece
2014-04-02Reforms allow Athens to tap into bailout money set aside by international lenders. In other business news: Improved economic conditions allow Cyprus to drop its ceiling on daily cash withdrawals.
thumbnailSerbs in Crimea send 'false message,' experts and citizens say
2014-03-24A group of extremists who have joined the Russian paramilitary forces in Crimea do not represent the state, experts tell SETimes.
thumbnailKosovo cities make teacher hiring more transparent
2014-03-05A lack of transparency has been the most common form of political influence in the education system.
thumbnailKosovo Security Force improves emergency response capability
2014-02-18The Kosovo Security Force is capable of responding to natural and man-made emergency situations.
thumbnailEU warns Balkan nations about illegal waste depots, poor waste management
2014-02-17Bulgaria's failure to deal with illegal waste depots violates EU regulations and raises the issue of the waste management problems in the region.
thumbnailExperts warn of spread of extremism in Balkan prisons
2014-02-12Islamic extremists try to recruit the most economically devastated prisoners by offering assistance.
thumbnailCroatia, EU focus on youth unemployment
2014-02-12With the help of an EU programme, Croatia is tackling unemployment for citizens younger than 25. Also in business news: the 2014 Balkan Economic Summit was held in Bursa, Turkey, and Romania and Bulgaria saw an increase in exports last year.
thumbnailBiH chaos ends as officials, citizens call for changes
2014-02-10Officials and analysts said that the public is frustrated by poverty, unemployment and the lack of a solid government.
thumbnailEthnic discrimination is a significant security threat, experts say
2014-02-06Experts say young people who were subjected to the trauma of the Balkan conflicts are more inclined to turn to violence, but Turkey can be a stabilising presence in the region.
thumbnailBalkan countries create deterrent for citizens fighting in Syria
2014-01-21The return of radicalised fighters from Syria and the threat of new recruits have prompted amendments and new laws in at least three countries.
thumbnailGovernment responds to Islamist party's challenge of Kosovo secularism
2014-01-17Officials said secularism is a sacred value in Kosovo.
thumbnailIslamic extremists 'miss the message' by going to fight in Syria
2014-01-17Muslims from the Balkans should stay at home to fight with knowledge and politics for a better future instead of going to foreign wars, experts say.
thumbnailKosovo forecasts 4 percent growth
2014-01-02The deficit in Pristina is less than 1 percent. In other business news: Bankso in Bulgaria is listed as Europe's best value ski resort.
thumbnailAlbania and Kosovo taking steps against corruption
2014-01-02Both countries institute measures to deal with corrupt practices, including in the judiciary.
thumbnailSerbia hails 'new beginning' with start of EU talks
2013-12-23EU membership negotiations with Serbia start January 21st, but the question of Kosovo still remains.
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Regional police increase action against illegal drugs, traffickingRegional police increase action against illegal drugs, trafficking

Police action in Croatia resulted in an 11 percent increase in the seizure of illegal drugs, and authorities are following new drugs that are emerging on the market.

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