thumbnailEU to take measures against dependency on Russian gas
2014-03-28The European Commission will present an energy plan in June.
thumbnailRussia's federalisation plan for Ukraine sparks criticism
2014-03-27The West supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine and calls for united actions against Russian interference.
thumbnailEuropean countries feel safer under NATO protective umbrella
2014-03-25Officials and regional security experts view the Alliance as crucial to the region's prosperity.
thumbnailEU concerned about minority rights referendum in Croatia
2014-01-20Members of the European Parliament have sent an open letter to the Croatian public, saying that the referendum on minority rights is "dangerous and unconstitutional."
thumbnailEU integration, corruption, refugees remain key challenges for the region in 2014
2013-12-30Southeast Europe needs to strengthen anti-corruption efforts to reach progress in EU integration process, officials and analysts say.
thumbnailEuropean authorities to renegotiate South Stream contracts
2013-12-26EU member states' South Stream contracts with Moscow violate Union rules, officials say.
thumbnailMayor: 'Neighbouring states should live together'
2013-12-20Local government administrators expect a revival of city-to-city relations will promote commercial and cultural ties.
thumbnailAlbania changing tax rates to increase revenues
2013-12-18Personal tax levels will increase from 10 percent to as much as 23 percent, the government announced. In other business news: The European Commission approves a financial aid package for Greek highways.
thumbnailEULEX, Kosovo police work to disrupt trafficking cases
2013-12-03The authorities are showing results in fighting organised crime groups that smuggle Kosovo citizens abroad.
thumbnailEuropean Green Belt initiative furthers co-operation
2013-10-21Projects aim to protect the environment while allowing border regions to flourish.
thumbnailExperts: Croatia corruption probe is good for investors
2013-10-17By pursuing a case against INA and MOL, Croatia is showing that it is actively battling corruption, an expert said.
thumbnailBosnian schools expand Turkish language classes
2013-09-24A new agreement provides Turkish instruction in nine elementary schools in Sarajevo.
thumbnailMacedonia-Turkey pact to help foreign nationals
2013-09-23Macedonia and Turkey will co-operate to "improve the living standards" of their citizens, officials in Ankara and Skopje say.
thumbnailRising number of refugees creates concern in Turkey, Europe
2013-09-18As the Syrian conflict continues, the EU is seeing a spike in refugees, along with Turkey.
thumbnailNATO facility boosts Turkey's defence
2013-08-26The new centre covers 11 countries across southern Europe.
thumbnailSerbia working to reduce discrimination
2013-08-10Establishing and implementing an anti-discrimination strategy will be a key component of Serbia's efforts on the path toward EU accession.
thumbnailAsylum seekers alarming for Kosovo officials
2013-07-22An increased number of asylum seekers from Kosovo will adversely affect the country's visa liberalisation process, officials in Pristina warn.
thumbnailNewest EU member Croatia takes first loan
2013-07-17A European Investment Bank loan will finance projects for small and medium-sized companies. Also in business news: a Bulgarian highway is the first to directly connect Sofia to the Black Sea.
thumbnailSerbia, Hungary take steps toward national reconciliation
2013-07-13A declaration by the Serbian parliament and a dedication of monuments acknowledges World War II-era killings in Vojvodina, paving the way for improved relations.
thumbnailSerbia's Nikolic praised for first-year achievements
2013-06-28Analysts say that in his first year in office, the Serbian president addressed important areas of governance.


EU changes its economic approach toward the BalkansEU changes its economic approach toward the Balkans

The Union sets new criteria for membership candidate countries and potential candidates.

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