thumbnailArmies in the Balkans show co-operation in crisis situations
2014-06-30Co-operation demonstrated by armed forces proves valuable in managing natural disasters, experts and officials agree.
thumbnail'We're tired of suffocating,' BiH citizen says
2014-02-12Despite the end of the violent protests in BiH, the message is still reverberating. SETimes spoke with one citizen who said that it is past time for change.
thumbnailEU issues wake-up call to BiH politicians
2013-06-13Bosnia and Herzegovina faces possible EU sanctions if progress is not made in implementing minority rights.
thumbnailCitizens speak out against religious extremism
2013-06-12Many, particularly believers in Muslim-majority countries, said authorities should act more vigorously.
thumbnailEurope prolongs threat of Bosnian sanctions
2013-03-25EU seeks to convince BiH leaders to implement reforms.
thumbnailBalkan construction companies strive to maintain contracts abroad
2012-08-23The economic crisis, the political instability in many Arab countries and several regional issues are limiting Balkan construction companies' attempts to get contracts abroad.
thumbnailYoung journalists to revive JRT name
2012-08-20The reformatted Yugoslav Radio Television will include 18 hours of programming a day from volunteer journalists.
thumbnailRegion has concerns over personal data protection
2012-08-16Regional countries have a heightened concern over the misuse of personal data for criminal intent.
thumbnailStatus lacking for disabled in Southeast Europe
2012-08-13Many Southeast European countries are still far from meeting some essential needs of the disabled.
thumbnailBalkan countries' waste initiatives aid EU accession
2012-08-10The potential for regional co-operation and ecological-economic gains is huge.
thumbnailBalkan countries loaded with firearms
2012-08-08Serbia is the leader in the region in the possession of legal and illegal firearms, but other countries are not far behind.
thumbnailTurkey, Greece to build bridges
2012-08-08The two countries will build two new bridges over the Maritsa River. Also in business news: Standard & Poor's lowers Cyprus' long-term rating, citing ongoing talks with international creditors.
thumbnailRussia's biggest bank enters the region
2012-08-06Some analysts argue that the entry of Russia's Sberbank into regional markets is a good thing because it diversifies banking.
thumbnailGermany offers expert advice to Macedonia, region
2012-08-04A group of German business experts are setting their sights on increasing the country's economic ties with Macedonia through enhancing quality and competitiveness.
thumbnailBiH hydroplant plan could cost the environment
2012-08-03Experts say that new hydroelectric power plants in BiH might be too high a price for the citizens from both sides of the Neretva.
thumbnailSerbia's Exit festival retains its activist roots
2012-08-03While Exit is largely known as a four-day music festival, it also retains its activist roots and continues to promote progressive ideas.
thumbnailReport shows little innovation in region
2012-08-02Despite high potential in innovation research and work, countries in the region score poorly.
thumbnailEU, NGOs bash BiH law amendments
2012-07-30By legalising many forms of conflict of interest and changing punishment for violations, the amendments to the 2002 legislation will increase corruption, some say.
thumbnailKosovars face travel problems in BiH
2012-07-30Despite the acceptance of Kosovo passports, travelers from Kosovo face hurdles when visiting BiH.
thumbnailDispute over Yugoslav medals pits Serbs, Croats
2012-07-28Bloggers say the debate over the rights to medals won by the former Yugoslavia is an issue of fairness.
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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