Vladimir Filat

Prime Minister of Moldova

(Euobserver - 22/10/10; European Voice - 21/10/10; RFE/RL - 18/09/10; Euobserver - 10/06/10; BBC -- 17/03/10, 25/09/09; Official Website of the Government of Moldova)

Vladimir Filat assumed office as prime minister of Moldova on September 25th 2009, nearly two months after general elections, in which his Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM) emerged as the second-largest political force after the country's Communist Party (PCRM).

The July 29th vote paved the way for the formation of a governing coalition, called Alliance for European Integration (AIE), including the PLDM, the Liberal Party (PL), the Democratic Party (PD) and the Our Moldova Alliance (AMN). The four political formations won a combined 53 seats to 48 for the PCRM in the 101-member parliament. This allowed them to oust then-President Vladimir Voronin's communists from power after their eight-year rule.

Filat replaced interim Prime Minister Vitalie Pirlog who served only 11 days in the post.

Born on May 6th 1969, in the village of Lapusna, near the town of Hancesti, south of Chisinau, Filat finished the Co-operative College in the Moldovan capital in 1990 and went to study law at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in the city of Iasi, in Romania.

Following his graduation in 1994, he became an entrepreneur, with business activities on both sides of the border over the following four years. During that period, he gained Romanian citizenship and joined the Democratic Party of Moldova in 1997.

Following his return to Moldova in 1998, Filat headed the Department of Privatisation and Administration of State Property in Chisinau. He held that post until March 1999, when he was appointed minister of state in Ion Sturza's centre-right government, which was ousted in December the same year. From 2000 to 2005 he was an entrepreneur again.

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