Mirko Cvetkovic

Prime Minister of Serbia

(International Herald Tribune, AP, BBC, DS.org)

Mirko Cvetkovic was nominated by Serbian President Boris Tadic as the new prime minister on June 27th 2008. He replaced Vojislav Kostunica after snap elections were held on May 11th, and his Democratic Party (DS) merged with the Socialist Party of Serbia to form a ruling coalition. Cvetkovic was officially sworn in on July 7th.

Cvetkovic was born on August 16th 1950, in Zajecar, Serbia.

Cvetkovic graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Belgrade where he also received his Masters and PhD.

Cvetkovic worked at the Mining Institute for ten years, and then left to work at the Economics Institute for another six years. He then moved on to advisory and research firm CES Mecon where he worked as a consultant.

From 1998–2001, he was an adviser for economic issues at the Mining Institute and from January 2001 worked as Deputy Minister of Economy and Privatisation. He served as the director of the Privatisation Agency in 2003-2004, and in 2005 he became a special advisor at CEO Intercom Consulting.

In the 1980s he was external consultant for the World Bank on a number of projects in Pakistan, India and Turkey and worked on the UNDP in Somalia.

Cvetkovic served as Serbian finance minister in 2007-2008 before he was tapped as prime minister. Western news agencies describe him as a Democrat and a "low profile technocrat", who is likely to prefer improving Serbia's economy rather than concentrate on difficult political issues.

In an address to parliament after her was sworn in, Cvetkovic, 57, said EU accession would be his cabinet's main priority and pledged to push ahead with ratification of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the EU. He also vowed that his government would never recognise Kosovo as an independent state.

Working to strengthen the economy and social responsibility and fight crime and corruption will also be priorities, he said.

Cvetkovic is married and has two children. He is fluent in English.

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